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Jelly Lens #1 Wide Angle/Fish Eye Cell Phone/Digital Camera DC

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  • Model: MOB001s01
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Always wanted the effects of the LOMO cameras but it's too expensive to own every single LOMO camera? Here's the ultimate gadget at the most affordable price! Jelly lenses are tiny detachable stick-on lens (2 cm diameter) for mobile phones & digital cameras. Works well on lenses that are no bigger than 1cm in diameter. Once the sticky area gets dirty, just wash it with mild soap and you're good to go again! Each Jelly Lens is attached to a convenient cord and clip so you can leave it attached to your phone or digital camera for quick access to fun shots.

The whole series include 12 lenses: (This listing is for lens #1 only)

  1. Wide Angle / Fish Eye: Creates a wide angle panoramic shot or fisheye effect photo easily
  2. Stretch: Turn the lens to stretch your photo horizontally or vertically
  3. Hexa-image Mirage: Produces beautiful kaleidoscope effect with 6 duplicated images
  4. Tri-image Mirage: Produces beautiful kaleidoscope effect with 3 duplicated images
  5. Heart/ Blue Filter: 2 lenses included, put a heart shaped frame around your photo or filter it through a blue tint
  6. Star/ Antique Filter: 2 lenses included, put a star shaped frame around your photo or filter it through a classic amber tint
  7. Polarized/ Vivid: Reduces light reflections and turns the sky more blue
  8. Macro Close Up: Enables your cameras to take close up photos and focuses on tiny details
  9. Soft Lens: Provides a romantic border to portraits
  10. Starburst: The center of your image will stay focused while the edges are blurred outwards
  11. Shaking Vignette: Blurs the surrounding like shaking while the middle remains clear
  12. Sparkle: Adds twinkly stars to your photos. This lens makes lights and reflections appear as twinkly starbursts?

How to use:

  • Remove the lens cap from the adhesive pad
  • Align the center of this lens to the center of the camera lens
  • Twist the plastic bevel on the Jelly Lens to get different variations
  • Take a picture and see the amazing result
  • Put the lens cap back in the position after each use
  • Lens can be used on top of each other, combine different lenses to customize your own effect!

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