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Fire Balloon Lantern Flying Wishing Lamp Wedding D?cor

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  • Model: LAT004
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NOTE: This listing is for 1pc only, RANDOM COLOR

Kong Ming Lamp is invented by Zhu Ge Liang (also named as Kong Ming), one of the greatest men in the Three Kingdoms period of China. It utilizes the principle of the hot-air balloon and so it will float in the sky with fire. Kong Ming lamp is originally designed for military purpose. It has been spreading till now, and the modern use of Kong Ming lamp is for blessing and wishing. People write down the wish of the blessing on Kong Ming lamp, and then let it fly away, symbolizing the happiness, lucky and success.

  • It flies up high in the sky, creating a romantic and fantastic atmosphere for your lovers on your date or special days
  • Write your blessing, make your wish and let it go!
  • Comes with solid wax fuel, easy and convenient
  • Made of flame-retardant material which can prevent the lantern caught on fire effectively
  • Guaranteed to build moods
  • Perfect to use at wedding, or other memorial functions and celebration parties
  • Height: approx. 39" / 99cm
  • Top diameter: approx. 22" / 56cm
  • Base diameter: approx. 15" / 38cm
  • Included: 1pc only. RANDOM COLOR
  • Condition: Brand new

Operation instruction:

  1. Open packing, take out and fix the candle into inner cross iron
  2. One person hold up the top of lamp, the other ignites the candle
  3. After getting enough hot air in inner lamp, release the lamp when you're feeling it's going up due to enough ascending pressure
  4. Don't forget to make a wish when the lamp is ascending into sky


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