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Set of 12 Blowable Multi Color LED Electronic Blow Out Candles

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  • Model: CAN001-12YRGB
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Blow the candle ON!?

You have seen real candles, you have seen LED candles, but have you ever seen a LED candle which can be blown ON and OFF?? This newly designed LED candle, not only can it flicker like a real candle, you can blow it out as well!! With embedded sensor, you can simply turn it on/off by blowing or shaking it! So funny and convenient to use with!


Still have no idea? Check our demo!


This auction is for the candles only. Holders are NOT included.


Why not real candles?

Why are you still using old-fashioned candles when you can have an alternative with all the effects you want from real candles and at the same time safer and cleaner?

  • Flicker like real candles (Still color version) / Auto color changing (Color changing version)
  • Flameless, smokeless, safe to use with
  • No hot and dirty wax to deal with
  • Long lasting, battery included can operate for 48 hours continuously while LED can last up to 100,000 hours
  • Convenient - simply blow or shake it to turn it on/off, no need to light with fire or take it out to switch on


Where to use?

  • It is battery operated, you can use it anywhere you like!
  • Build up moods to your room or dorm
  • Decorate your cafe or bar with ambience
  • Enjoy a romantic candle light dinner with your lover
  • Trick your friends, ask them to blow on the candle during birthday parties! Great fun to enjoy with friends!
  • Excellent for weddings, receptions, parties or any other promotional events.



  • Included: LED Candle x 4 (yellow, red, blue & green) ; Mercury battery LR44 x 12 (3pcs for each candle)
  • Size: Height 1.5" (4cm) / Diameter: 1.5" (4cm)
  • Battery: Coin Cell LR44 x 3pcs for each candle (Included)

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